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The Purpose Behind

It's time to come home.

We live in a world of chaos and turmoil. This is no different than it ever has been. We measure our success in dollars and waistlines. And no matter how any accolades and rewards are heaped upon us, we are never satisfied for long. In the back of our head, we are haunted by our own voice telling us that we aren't good enough. We live in constant fear that the kingdoms we build will either be taken from us or will collapse around our ears. We don't need another fad diet or shiny title. To understand how to change our situation, we must alter our driving forces which lead us to this place. We didn't arrive here by chance. We actually chose to be exactly where we are. So it is incumbent on us to find how we chose the path and then, why we chose this path.



What is


A Signature Mindset 
Meditation / Yoga Program
Created Just for You to Find Your Why
  • the MOR PROJECT is a Signature Mindset Meditation Program singularly designed for you

  • MOR is all about truly making the Mind / BOdy / SpiRit Connection + creating your "why"

  • "Why" gives us purpose. Purpose gives us action.

  • Over 12 weeks, you will be given opportunities to build that connection.

  • Working one-on-one weekly, I will show you how to make that connection.

  • MOR connection means living a deeper more authentic life.

  • Living a more authentic life is truly living a life of contentment.

  • This isn't for everyone. It requires discipline and a willingness to do the work.

  • You're unique. the MOR PROJECT embraces that. Hell. MOR celebrates that!

  • Why would you EVER be anything less than what you are?

  • the MOR PROJECT is there to help you discover how amazing you already are. 

  • The purpose of the MOR PROJECT is to empower you to live to your full potential.


When you're ready, let's talk.

About Karen Roy

Be curious.

Be Authentic.

Be you.

My Purpose My Why

Honestly, it has been a long journey to get here. I look back at my life and I see the incredible pain I was in. As I entered into high school, my understanding of the world seemed to shift into such a dark abyss. No one recognised the signs of depression or anxiety. And I certainly did all I could to hide my pain. I felt alone. I felt overwhelmed. I felt broken.

All around me, my old friends were thriving. They seemed to glide from one success to another. Of course, I didn't want them to fail. But the more they succeeded, the more convinced I was of the fact that I was broken.

I found a place where I thought I could better control my outcomes. I moved to the Fitness Field. My success would be realised in my blood, sweat and tears. I became aware of my habit of self-sabotage. I became a machine. And thinking that if I sparkled enough, no one would ever notice that I was broken inside. I became a terrifying Fitness Instructor. Hard body. Hard workout. Hard demand. I asked nothing of my students than what I had and would always give. And I pushed them. They became my success or failure. I didn't see them. I was annoyed when they told me that they were tired or in pain. I pushed them well past their break point. I pushed them to my break point.

My body and mental state were constantly fighting each other. My body hurt. My heart felt both swollen and empty. Something had to give. I had to give.

I attended my first yoga practice. I hid in the corner and moved through the practice frankly at a bit of a loss. Was this the thing that would change my life? That's what they all promised. But there were no lighting bolts. 

My body responded to this new methodology. I was still strong. But as I listened to the teachers I began to see my body differently. I respected my body. Why was I so determined to punish it? Why had I punished so many of my clients? And more than anything, WHY did they STILL love me!?! I didn't LOVE me! My own voice constantly reminded me that no matter what I did, I would always be broken on the inside.

And this is truly when I began to see the story I had always told myself as the reason for my pain. I truly believed that I had already failed before I ever even began. Meditation, insight, patience and compassion allowed me to see myself for the first time - my authentic self.

And for the first time in my life, I asked myself a question. Who would you be, if the story that you told yourself, that you were broken, wasn't true? And then, another question. Who are you if you are not broken?


transform | transcend

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